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Originally from Stratford-upon-Avon, England, Mike’s love of music and writing music was evident from an early age. By the time he was a teenager, Mike was composing music for the school plays, arranging for big bands and performing in various local and county orchestras. It was therefore a natural step for Mike to study music at University.

A short while after studying classical music at the University of Nottingham, focussing on composition under the tuition of Professor Mervyn Cooke and Nicholas Sackman, Mike moved to London and embarked on a career as a media music composer and producer. Highlights of his career to date are producing backing tracks for The Masked Singer (ITV), scoring the first two short films directed by Marley Morrison (Leroy and Baby Gravy) and his music being featured in a variety of TV shows including Dragons Den, Blue Peter, Gardeners’ World, Make Me A Dealer, Bargain Hunt, Animal Park, This Farming Life and The One Show. Alongside music for television and film, Mike composes and produces audio branding for businesses, having worked with over 150 businesses and organisations to date.

After moving to the Cotswolds in 2020, Mike felt ready to return to writing original contemporary classical music after a 15 year hiatus since University, with a renewed confidence in developing his own voice built through his work as a media music composer.

There was a well crafted sound design accompanying Baby Gravy that was in tune with the story’s need to balance cheeky comedy with serious themes. Composer Mike Gunn expertly delivers an atmosphere that is enjoyable yet thoughtful.

UK Film Review - Chris Olson - October 2017

Mike Gunn's Tiananmen is a finished piece in every way.

Nottingham Evening Post - Summer 2006

Recent Projects


tv series - backing track producer

Get Your Happy On - Poke Music

Monty Sunshine - composer


short film - composer

Childsplay 4 - Poke Music

Do It Again - composer


concert hall - composer


short film - composer

Music Showreel

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Film, TV, Theatre & Other



  • Baby Gravy - short film - Composer

  • Leroy - short film - Composer

  • Impassible - short film - Composer

  • State Of Expectation - feature length documentary - Composer

  • Our Impending Global Crisis - spoken word film - Composer

  • No More, No Less - short film - Composer

  • One Time In Japan - short film - Composer

  • Paperboy - short film - Composer


  • Bard's Theatre - Composer

  • St. James RE:Act - Composer


  • Transcendant Tales - audiobook - theme tune composer

  • The Oki Oki Show - youtube sketches - Composer

Concert Hall

  • KOKOSO (2021) - 6'

Soprano Sax & Pipe Organ - Click here to listen
  • ODE TO THE EMPIRE (2015) - 15'

Symphony Orchestra - commissioned by Never Such Innocence for their charity launch event. The idea behind this piece was as a First World War Centenary anthem that summed up the myriad of emotions that are called to mind by the Great War, whilst recognising the vital contribution of the Commonwealth.
"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Mike. As a composer he has an incredible ability to really understand what a layman is after in terms of a composition - he was amazing at translating my garbled ideas into an extraordinary and moving piece of music. Mike has created Ode to the Empire, a hauntingly beautiful musical narrative" - Lady Lucy French OBE, Founder, Never Such Innocence
  • EAGLE OVER AROS (2007) - 15'

Symphony Orchestra - commissioned by the Djanogly Community Orchesatra

Saxophone (Sop & Ten), Tuned Percussion (Vib & Mar), Tape
  • JABBERWOCKY (2006) - 8'

Soprano Soloist & Chamber Ensemble - performed by the University of Nottingham Philarmonia during their Summer concert series in 2006.
  • TIANANMEN (2006) - 8'

Soprano Soloist & Chamber Ensemble
"Mike Gunn's Tiananmen is a finished piece in every way" - Nottingham Evening Post (2006)